A platform that
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With the evidence you can put your energy and training spend where it counts. Our software provides the insight you need.


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what do we mean by evidence?

It’s about removing opinion and replacing it with facts. Understanding and observing how salespeople apply their knowledge when selling. The actual reality.


We start by understanding what your salespeople think about their own skills. Why? Because for them that is the reality. It’s the first base of understanding what are the true gaps and where coaching and training interventions are required.


Then we assess what the individual actually knows against clear and defined standards. Why? Our binary approach to the content delivers unambiguous data. Or, as we like to call it, evidence.


Knowledge is a good thing but it’s the application of knowledge that counts. How? With our platform, you can observe live what salespeople actually do and how they apply what they have learned.

a technology platform that gives you evidence

We have invented the worlds first evidence-based approach, software, to developing salespeople. We have 5.4 million live observations of what salespeople actually do when selling. This is delivered through our observation platform and online reporting.

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the Silent Edge platform will help you to:
  • Accurately measure the right behaviours and drive better performance. Instantly view the capability of your salespeople – by individual, by team and by territory (actually, for any role in your organisation) using real-time analytics.
  • Base your people decisions on evidence.
  • Track coaching activity and measure against sales performance
  • Enable your people to have easy access to their personal development and coaching plan.
  • Identify the impact of your training and embed learning.


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Join our community of some of the world’s most recognised brands and discover how we have helped their salespeople to reach their full potential and improve the performance of the organisation.

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our DNA

We have a deep-seated belief that evidence-based people development will become the norm and progressive technology will be adopted to gain insight into how people apply the knowledge they have been given in their role. Organisations will need their spend to go further, they will need to become more productive and by using our evidence-based technology they can create a meritocracy – a place where regardless of gender, race or background everyone is judged by the same standards and developed.

our mission

We love to help people realise their potential – to be the best they can be throughout their career. We provide our clients with evidence on the capability of their people, combined with the power to coach. This makes transformation in sales performance become a lasting reality.

Our best practice sales methodology and data has been analysed by the Cranfield School of Management and the findings published in the Harvard Business Review.

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