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REC confirms improving jobs outlook

The latest JobsOutlook report, produced by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), has suggested that UK businesses may look to invest in some staff coaching over the next few months, with many employers keen to make new appointments.

According to the REC, some 65 per cent of employers want to take on more permanent staff in the next three months, up three points from January.

Furthermore, the REC said that 30 per cent want to keep staff numbers at the same level.

Reflecting on the results of the survey, Roger Tweedy, the REC’s director of research, said: “Despite the ongoing undercurrent of uncertainty among employers, there are some positive signs with the majority of employers now planning to slightly increase their permanent workforce.”

“In addition,” Mr Tweedy said, “the outlook for agency staff hires now looks stronger than a year ago despite new regulations coming into force.”

Earlier this week, a survey conducted by the Institute of Directors said that companies in the UK are confident about the short-term prospects for the country.

Investing in the professional development of your staff is one of the best ways to keep morale high and show employees how much you value them.