About Us

Our Vision and Values

We are committed to helping your business thrive by enabling your staff to realise their full potential, and enable you to manage and see their ongoing progression and development.

We are Skilled

With over 12 year’s expertise and thousands of hours of evaluations under our belt, Silent Edge is at the forefront of performance assessment technology and competency framework development. Our SaaS platform helps companies develop talent, build loyalty and achieve their goals.

We are proven

Over 20,000 professionals have been through the Silent Edge journey. We have generated substantial ROI for each of our clients and created more than 400 competency frameworks – all of which can be tailored to your company’s individual needs – in whichever department you chose.

We love to help

We love to help people realise their full potential. We provide our clients with the foundational tools to help develop staff. So whether your focus is on sales or boosting performance across your organisation we can help. Let’s begin a conversation to learn how you can quickly bring everyone up to speed.

We are recognised

We bring the power of objective-based assessment into real-time working environments to help create genuine behavioural change. Originally developed for sales management and sales teams, our solution was quickly recognised and supported by Cranfield University School of Management and Ashridge Business School, receiving accolades as a proven Best Practice Model in the Harvard Business Review.

“Within 12 months the programme delivered 900% ROI, an 8% growth in the targeted region and the targeted group showed a 5.7% increase in revenue, compared with 0.2% in the rest of the organisation. Silent Edge’s evaluation tool has helped us transform our sales training. Our managers have learnt how to manage the sales process better and coach their consultants more effectively.”

HR & Training Director, Reed Specialist Recruitment