The Engage Platform

Providing a global view of competencies across your organisation

Foundation for change

With skills built over 12 years and millions of hours of evaluations, Silent Edge’s Engage Platform enables accurate, detailed performance assessment of individuals against key roles and corporate objectives.


Competency frameworks tailored for maximum results

With a clearly defined competency framework built for each key role, detailed strengths and weaknesses analysis can help develop each member of staff to their full potential. We don’t just provide templates and walk away; we work with you to ensure you deliver the productivity improvements you seek.

training spend

Powerful ROI on your training spend

This foundational analysis provides a true ‘ground zero’ for all coaching and development and ensures true productivity improvement throughout the organisation – and a powerful ROI for all training investment.

Staff Engagement

Self-assessment builds staff engagement

Our self-assessment module allows each employee full access and input to their core record and development progress to facilitate value-based training and create greater employee loyalty and retention.

Omni channel

Omni-channel tool enables infield assessments

Accessible on mobile, tablets or laptops, Engage is a truly omni-channel tool that enables assessments to take place wherever the working environment is – in the sales meeting, in the field, on the shop floor – for a true reflection of performance.

  • Increase participation
  • Improve outcomes
  • Build insights on performance
  • Identify potential
  • Engage anytime, anywhere
  • Do full or partial assessments as time allows

Personal Assessment

Single Performance Assessment Tool across your organisation

Engage provides a single platform for use across the company to provide a cohesive resource for the individual, their manager and HR. It provides a global view of the workforce and gives the ability to drill down by region or teams or by individual.

Performance at a glance

Performance at a glance

  • Clear assessment tools set against corporate KPIs
  • See where each employee is doing well and where they may need help
  • Gives detailed guidance for managers, HR and staff